new certificate

"The ellyps.pem file has been updated. This is the file you need to connect to the mysql server.\ \"

also ...

We have a blog/news now :) If you're logged in you can post about something scheme web programming related (hopefully with a link to the wiki relating details), or maybe a new site you finished and want to show. The software used is Greg Benison's schwordpress weblogging software (slightly) adapted for ellyps.

guile-lib available

We now have guile-lib (guile-lib-0.2.1) available. Which means the module (sxml simple) available too. Usage is described at .To try it out you can put the file ,which demonstrates an example usage of (sxml simple) into your site-folder, rename it to word-usage.scm, and run it. (if you comment out the first "exec" line and uncomment the second)